How to file a claim

Claims are usually filed online.

For Air Canada, Jazz and Rouge you can access their self-serve eligibility tool here.

For WestJet you can access their claims form here.

Other Canadian airlines

For most other airline, the form you will need can be difficult to find. Here are some tips for finding your carrier’s complaint filing page.

Using your preferred Internet browser and this search term: “[airline name] APPR claim”.

Non-Canadian airlines

For non-Canadian airlines, try the following search terms in your preferred browser:

  • search online using “[airline name] APPR Canada claim” OR,

  • search online using “[airline name] Notice of Passenger Rights for Canada”.

If you cannot locate an online claim form for your airline, contact its customer service centre by phone or refer to your original purchase confirmation email for more details.

Note: In cases where you are travelling with an airline’s codeshare partner, you should file your claim with the operating airline – this is the airline whose name is on the aircraft affected by the disruption, regardless of what airline sold you the ticket.

The rules say claims must be filed within one year of your flight disruption. The airline has 30 days to respond by either paying you or saying why it believes compensation or a refund is not owed.

If you’re not satisfied with the airline’s response, you can file a complaint with the Canadian Transportation Agency.